Junior Assistant jobs in Wah Brass Mills Private Limited in Islamabad

Job Details

Job Details

Total Positions Not Mentioned
Company Name Wah Brass Mills Private Limited
Job Type Full Time
Cities Islamabad,Rawalpindi and Wah
Deadline to Apply April 13,2019
Job Location Islamabad,Rawalpindi and Wah
Gender Male, female
Qualification Intermediate
Responsibility ——
Skills Listening, Speaking ,writing & analytical ,problem solving
Working Hours 9 to 5
Age 35 years max
Education Intermediate
Experience 2 years
Last Date to Apply April 13,2019
Source Newspaper
Contact Number 051-2216222283

How   TO   Apply 

Address Wah Brass Mills Private Limited Quaid Avenue Wah Cantt, Pakistan.
Wah Cantt, Pakistan
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